Sunday, October 12, 2008

Don't hesitate

I have known many people, both friends and clients, that knew they needed to start saving and investing (for retirement, their children's college expenses, or something else) yet they kept putting it off.  The most common reason was that they didn't know what to invest in and they didn't want to make a bad choice.  So, they didn't invest in anything.

A poorly chosen investment, generally speaking, is better than no investment.  If you start investing in a mutual fund or college savings plan and later learn that your fund or plan isn't the best option for meeting your needs, that's OK.  You can always discontinue investing in the product that you don't like and move on to what you have learned is a more suitable investment.  You will probably be able to transfer all of your funds from the first investment into the second.

I tend to spend whatever money is not specifically set aside for something and I think that most other people do too.  So, if you are delaying your investing for any reason, you are likely spending money that you should be saving and losing time that you can never regain.  If you are investing in anything, even a less than perfect investment, you will have something to show for it months and years from now.  You can always refine your investments as your knowledge of investing grows.  If your not investing, it is just going to be that much harder to meet your goals when you finally start.

You can never make up for lost time.  If you know that you need to invest but are not currently doing so, then get to it.

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