Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Money management is something that you can do

Because good money management is so important and affects virtually every aspect of your life, you, like many other people, might feel great anxiety about managing your money.   The sheer volume of books and opinions creates the sense that personal financial management is terribly complicated and best left to a professional.  It's not.  By reading this blog, you will learn what you need to know to make smart decisions about spending, managing debt, investing, buying insurance, planning for retirement, and a host of other issues.  What's more, you don't need a library of finance books or an army of experts in your service.  (There is a place for professionals and there are some great books out there if you are interested in them, but we will talk about that later.)

As you track your spending, we will cover all of the basic topics that you need to know to make smart decisions about your money.  With this knowledge, you will start down the road to becoming a smarter, savvier, more relaxed, and wealthier person.

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